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How long does it take to create an authenticity analysis?

Usually about two weeks. The time required depends on the one hand on the current order volume and on the other hand on whether the suspected painter is already in the Art Intelligence GmbH data set. If this is not the case, as many originals as possible (ideally more than 150) as well as forgeries and/or imitations must first be researched and put in the system. This can take up to two weeks.

What does an authenticity analysis look like?

An authenticity analysis usually consists of 12 to 15 pages, on which the procedure and methodology as well as the results, based on a test image, are described and visualized. In addition, there are about 15 pages of appendices listing the results – not only of the overall model, but also of the individual convolutional neural networks (CNNs).  

How much does an authenticity analysis cost?

The price for an authenticity analysis depends on the amount of work involved, which in turn depends on the respective and sometimes very specific questions of the customers - and on the effort required to research or acquire the originals and/or comparison images needed for the analysis. If you want to commission an authenticity analysis, send us an inquiry. We will then prepare a quotation and send it to you by mail.  In any case, however, and without exception, the price is independent of the result of the analysis.

Is it possible to get an authenticity analysis on a commission basis?

Without any exceptions, the answer to this question is: NO!!! Art Intelligence GmbH is convinced that the examination of a painting with the help of artificial intelligence is an additional method that does not replace either art historical reports or scientific expertise. It is especially important to us that the evaluation, unlike the assessment by (some) art historians, is unemotional and not guided by interests. Art Intelligence GmbH strictly rejects the practice followed by some art experts of setting the price of an appraisal according to the sales price achieved for the work of art in question. Art Intelligence GmbH not only considers commission-based pricing to be dubious, but it would also r counteract the advantage of freedom of interest.

What does Art Intelligence GmbH need for an authenticity analysis?

A photo of the painting in question in high resolution, which means the longer side of the digital image should ideally be more than 1500 pixels. In addition, there should be no shadows or reflections on the picture. Art Intelligence GmbH informs customers if the quality of a transmitted image is not sufficient.

How reliable is the result of an authenticity analysis?

Art Intelligence GmbH selects the originals and forgeries or imitations of a suspected painter with the utmost care and attaches great importance to a transparent presentation of the procedure and methodology. For example, it meticulously ensures that the originals of a suspected artist come from different sources to avoid distorting the results. The result of an authenticity analysis is a probability that depends on the recognition accuracy of the model, based on originals and forgeries or imitations. Usually, but not always, this result is more than 80, in some cases even more than 90 percent. This means, however, that if an artwork is 90 percent genuine based on the method used, then there is a 10 percent chance it could still be a fake. However, other methods of checking authenticity, such as the expert opinions of art historians, are also not 100% reliable – after all, there have been numerous and sometimes (as in the case of the art forger Wolfgang Beltracchi) spectacular misjudgments. Other, scientific investigations usually do not offer absolute security. In rare cases, pigments that were not available at the assumed time of a work's origin have found their way onto a painting through later restorations.

Is Art Intelligence GmbH liable for the result of an authenticity analysis?  

Against the background of the probable character of the results, Art Intelligence GmbH assumes no liability whatsoever for the analyzes and/or the results with regard to the authenticity of a work. However, it discloses the procedure and methodology - which should enable other experts in the field of artificial intelligence or art history to doubt, question or criticize the result on the basis of well-founded information.

What is the procedure for ordering an authenticity analysis?  

Write an e-mail to Art-Intelligence GmbH ( - we will then get in touch with you and discuss the details. You will then receive a written offer, which you can confirm briefly and informally by e-mail. As soon as we have confirmation, we start with the analysis.

Does Art Intelligence GmbH require an advance payment for an authenticity analysis?

Usually this is not the case. However, due to some customers not being willing to pay when their analysis has had an undesired result – Art Intelligence GmbH does insist on a written order confirmation. For new customers abroad, i.e., outside of German jurisdiction, an advance payment of 50 percent of the analysis price is required.

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